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Portuguese Colony of Guinea 5 centavos

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Portuguese Colony of Guinea, 1933 5 Centavos


KM#1 5 centavos. Composition, Bronze. Dated 1933, mintage of 100,000.


I believe the coin to be in the realm of AU. Definitely some beautiful luster left on her. However, I'm not so good with grading, so I did my best to give you some big scans to look at. The coin is mostly red, but there is some slight browning just above the Portrait's head.


This is a harder to find coin, and as such I'm asking for $75.00 on it, or Best Offer. (Feel free to PM with offers.) Paypal is fine, checks or money orders are fine, equivalent in silver is fine too! Shipping in US will be included, the $4.00ish Priority mail type. Postage overseas, or additional insurance on the coin will be at cost, I'll let you know what it will be for your particular mailing addy in PM.


I don't sell too often, so if there is anything else you'd like to ask, or see about the coin, or that I just plain forgot just post or PM me. :ninja:


Thanks! I hope someone enjoys this beautiful coin.



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