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1705 Olmütz Taler


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That's a nice looking Taler. I prefer the older hand-struck ones normally but the reverse on this one is great.

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Beautiful coin Matt, and a superlative photo.


Please tell us about the new camera... Canon? Nikon? Kodak Brownie?


And the type of lighting you used. Diffused Speedlite? Sunlight?

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I picked up a cannon 40D Body I was using a sigma 105mm macro lens and a single sunlight lamp.


Do you diffuse the light through a screen or box or do you use direct lighting? I don't have a box at home so I always get an ugly shine on the high points of my coins. Bleh.

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My light at home is just a regular lamp with a daylight bulb...I should really use a spot though. I've tried to offset but then it gets too dull, it's just not a strong light. Lol. Regardless of what you've been doing Matt your photos do come out very well. When I get a real camera and not my 5mp easyshot lol, I will see what I can accomplish. :ninja:

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no, I dont use a box... i should... but i just offset the light a pinch to avoid the glare.


Matt, you may have persuaded me to sell my Canon 20D and upgrade to a 40D. I think I can see the difference the new DIGIC-III chip makes.

Plus the price is a little bit less than it was when this camera first came out.

Plus come August I will be making a LOT of overtime money at work because of the Olympics.


I have a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens (for coins) and a Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L for paper money and general photography.


I use a Canon 420EX Speedlite, the little one, with a Lumiquest Ultrasoft diffuser for silver and gold coins and a Lumiquest Mini-Softbox diffuser for copper and brass.

I have tried all kinds of lighting schemes, and these seems to work best.

Plus they cost less than $30, and used to sell for less than $20.


Here's the link for the Ultrasoft...



And here's the link for the Mini-Softbox...



Or just change the bulb in your lamp to a color corrected 3200K Photoflood. Less than $4...


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