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Greece - 1830 10 lepta - pattern? Specimen? dieTrial?


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Hallo there!


This specimen was found in one serious collection - without any comments or description..


Has not found any references or similar coins


Any ideas :?: :ninja:


May be any "national" catalog or smth ?


counterstamped by: Greece 10 lepta - 1830 - KM#8 (usually minted in copper)


on: silver Mexica 8 reales - 1820 JJ KM#111


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Wow! That's very interesting. The pattern sure looks real enough, although I've never read of counterstruck coins for Greece. That doesn't mean they don't exist. Either way, it's quite a curiousity piece. :ninja:

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Good afternoon to all,it's 10 LEPTA 1830 small phoenix (foinikas in greek),struck to real 1820,also in rarity key report R8.



In the first photo is pattern (R 5) which now by 5 stick in star,six have the circulation coins.

In the second photo is turkish countermark / capodistrias 10 lepta 1831,that specimen sold in Spink 1979,also in rarity key report R8.


The coins of Capodistrias call to collector world ''hammered coin''.

The first strike specimens of capodistrias is 1-5-10 lepta.(June 27,1829)


The press machine is be in Aegina Museum of Governor Capodistrias My link


My link

101A_a-capodistrias pattern.JPG


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