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5 kop 1766 CM

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Nordic gold, if it is too difficult to use imageshack.us, please feel free to send an email to this address:




It should be able to take up to 10mb of attachment easily. :ninja:


This will take some time as I do not keep coins at home. The picture shown is the only one I have of this coin right now.

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I simply do not see things your way.


In fact the coin bears two crowns. The crown on the obverse is rather worn out and the finer details cannot be detected anymore. The outline of the coin is clear though. The crown on the reverse is possibly slightly double struck which adds some fuzziness to its outline. Double struck does not mean overstruck.


Well, I give up now. I agree on the point that any coin may be a possible overstrike. I disagree to the point that features on this particular specimen make this coin look like an overstrike - there are no such features.


May you stay strong in your faith.




Nordic gold

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When having the coin in my hand and looking at it with a 10 x lense it is actually quite easy to say there is nothing there, except local spots of metal porousity, which do not form anything intentional, not even slightly detectable lines of fragments of any former letters or numbers.


I am a bit of an artist myself and I know anything can be drawn. I can only assure you that the area above the crown where you have drawn the upper part of numeral 1 is simply plain and the metal surface there is completely even.


The total absence of fragments of a host coin, however, is not the only consideration to think this coin has been struck to a newly made planchet. I am familiar with overstrikes and the overall feel of them, the larger diameter sometimes resulting in a slightly oval form, a thinner flan that sometimes is thinner in the central areas than around the edge, uneven thickness, "wavy" surface and generally poorer striking quality.


Such qualities are not present here. On the contrary, e.g. the thickness of this coin could be described as unusually accurate.


Well, I already said I gave up. Not quite yet!


Nordic gold

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Gxseries, surely I am not mistaking when assuming that you suggest the host coin to be 10 kop 1762. I have now compared the disposition of your fragmental figures to such a coin.


I find out that your numeral 1 out of 10 is placed far too low. Your mjagkii znak out of ДЕСЯТЬ is too small in size and in fact resembles more a tvordyi znak (Ъ), besides it is not drawn to its proper location but too close.


True, in the different varieties of 10 kop 1762 the disposition of numerals and letters may vary a little, but all this put together the comparison proves that in fact you have not seen anything real but used imagination.


May you still stay strong in your faith, but there still are no facts supporting your theory.


Nordic gold


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