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What is this? Ancient fake?


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I got this piece in a bulk lot. The lot contained some European coins dated as far back as the 1600's, so I can't discount the chance that it's something older and not a modern copy.


It's about 30-31mm in diameter and weighs 18.1 grams. The planchet is not of uniform thickness and it is slightly bent...it is not magnetic and does not appear to be any sort of soft lead composition. The writing appears to be Greek to me, but I sure could be wrong. In some ways it appears to be cast, but it also exhibits wear so I believe that it was carried or in circulation for some time. There are marks on it that look like someone scraped on it at some time, but there is no evidence that the coin is plate over a base metal. Any ideas?...token, coin, fake?...orgin or subject?





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5 pages of sterile suppositions. Nobody knows what it can be. A member of the forum linled above says that these "coins" were described in the book "Numismatica Dobrogei, 1916" by Constantin Moisil as the sow with 7 little pigs, but without any explanations of origins and/or period.

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