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Why would anyone want to slab a coin like this?


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Even if it is one point less than perfect ... so what???



I have a few of these myself (different years and subjects, though) but I don't think I paid more than $2-$3 each for them. Now I think it's perfectly fine to collect these, but what is the "business sense" in paying $15 per coin to have it slabbed when the coin itself cannot possibly be worth more than $5? Of course, it might be a rare year or variety ... this seller has a few of these in slabs for sale ... you might want to check them out.

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My guess that whomever slabbed them, received free voucher from NGC or something of that sort. I remember when you become a member, you can slab up to 5 coins for $100. Also, these were likely slabbed during the recent encapsulation craze!!! Makes no sense to me as well!

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