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Want to sell some bundles of notes

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I want to liquidate some banknotes that I have stockpiled in my cupboards but want to sell in small piles of 10 notes to move them quicker. If anyone is interested, I only need one postage of $4 for as many as you like. I have kept the prices down and I think there's some nice types here.


Airmail is $4 (from Uk) you can have any number of notes for this charge


Private message me if interested.


1. 10 x Suriname 100 Gulden, 1986. Very colourful and collectable notes with high cat value, these are also in a very crisp Uncirculated condition.






Asking $8 for the above x 10



2. 10 x 500 Francs of Madagascar (1990's) - Crisp Uncirculated condition. Very colourful note featuring a pastoral scene on one side and a pretty native girl on the other. A buffalo's head is in the watermark.






Asking $15 for the above x 10


3. 10 x 500 Escudos of Mozambique, 1967 - Uncirculated but slight water damage.






Asking $6 for the above x 10


4. 10 x 1,000 Escudos of Mozambique, 1972 - Uncirculated but slight water damage.






Asking $8 for the above x 10

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