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Need opinions on this one


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In reference to my counterfeit guide I've been working on I came across this coin on ebay. I am having a hard time making sure this one is a counterfeit disguised to look old or a die variety I've not seem often. Anyway, the obverse has the extra curl of hair and the stars are not in the right position in my opinion, but like I said, I am not 100% sure. I'm hoping someone a little more knowledgeable may be able to help me here.



Here is a real example.




I'm also questioning this coin. I am not certain of it, but one of my reference photos I'm working on, although without a lettered edge, looks very close to this, if not exact.



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The first one looks real but on the back looks like it was used as a belt buckle or button or something like that. The second looks like a fake.



Just a caution though, you cannot put it past the fakers to damage these coins by making them look like they were made into belt buckles etc. to give it an air of authenticity and age. Notice how some of the Chinese made fakes are now coming with damage, heavy wear, even corrosion to give them the look and feel of something old. If a place can make you think an egg is 1000 years old and attempt to entice you to consume it, expect the same for coin fakes.

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I agree with you Scottishmoney some fakers are just good. The best was the one who faked the gold 20 dollor Double Eagle can't think of what they called him now, but he was good. Even the fakes bring a high dollor.

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You'll like this...





"The artful codgers: Pensioners who conned British museums with £10m forgeries"





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