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1899 rouble


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Can someone tell me the approximate weight of an 1899 silver rouble?

20 grams, as gxseries said, is correct. However, expect some variation by about 0.10 to max. 0.20 grams in either direction as being normal.


In the reference by V.V. Uzdenikov (2nd edition, page 547 [ст. 546 по-русски]) there is a fairly detailed explanation of weight control for different metals and periods of Russian coins as enforced by the Russian Imperial Mints at those times. However, he doesn't go past the middle of the 19th century. As one could expect, weight controls became more exact the later the date, so 1899 roubles should weigh very close to 20 grams exactly.


There was much greater variation in copper coins ... but roubles and poltinas in silver (as well as gold coins), by that late date, were pretty much standard as far as weight goes; they were referred to as "bank silver coins" which implies that they were used as a kind of reference currency. After the currency reform of Witte in 1897, one should expect very little variation in weight standards with these coins.

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Just weighed the rouble and it was 19.65 grams. A bit light but within range? It is a bit worn would that lighten it?

It's probably OK. Uzdenikov says that once in a while a genuine coin will be outside the permissible "remedium" or weight allowance.

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