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  1. Hmmm so I assume IgorS bought the coin... And they appear a little TOO often? I assume I can buy safely from these big auction houses anyway....I assume... My own knowledge would never be really good enough to know.... I am not a coin expert but I really love the Nicholas 2 gold coins, and I want to collect the big boys... I want to pay a fair price and I am terrified of fakes. Then I would pretty much just hang onto it forever...have a nice surprise for my son.....later.....muuuuuuch later! I hope it doesn't piss anyone off that someone who knows so little about coins wants such a nice one. It's not wasted. I look at the coins I have now quite often and although my knowledge is poor I hold them in my hand..I feel the weight of them and imagine life in Imperial Russia......pretty interesting. Interesting also to know that the conditon is less important when the mintage is low....never knew that... I thought even within the low mintage there would be a great variation in price. Estimate for that one is 50,000 francs.....I know I should just buy a book (and maybe I will) but anyone have a range on this? Maybe it's impossible to tell. I think I will ring them and ask about this one. Thanks guys...
  2. That's a nice coin. I think I could find a better example but it's hard to tell from a photo and I cannot speak German! But that's a great website and I will be checking it often. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Need to do some research about the best examples of this coin and it's recent sale prices....
  3. What the best way to see when another of these coins will be going up for auction? (Yes I know the price) I know one went last august in a UBS auction. Is there a website that I can check or get an email alert or something? Thanks...
  4. Well assuming from your answer that yes it is indeed possible and they cost in the tens of thousands, yes?? If anyone has any info on any recent sales it would be great.
  5. Sorry as always for the silly questions but assuming I had enough money can I find a gold imperial 37.5 rouble coin? Not a copy or restrike the real thing. Someone take 2 secs and tell me please. I have been searching for this coin and I cannot find a real one.
  6. Well I am well over half way to collecting this set. I even have a VF 1858 that I really like! Can some one tell me the variations that exist within the same years or refer me to where I can look to find out? I want to have the complete set.
  7. Have any fakes of say the 1858 large cent surfaced? This seems to be the pick of the bunch and are quite expensive! Just don't want to walk into any pitfalls that are blatantly obvious to the coin yodas around here.
  8. Just weighed the rouble and it was 19.65 grams. A bit light but within range? It is a bit worn would that lighten it?
  9. Can someone tell me the approximate weight of an 1899 silver rouble?
  10. Can someone tell me the years of issue of the large Canada 1 cent?
  11. I just saw there is another whole long thread about this type of coin and how common the fakes are. So if the weight is correct and the mintmaster is ok then what other qualities should I be aware of? Perhaps I can be reasonable sure that this coin is authentic? As a newbie I feel like I won't buy any more costly coins without a slab. It makes me sad that you have to be so careful with so many crooks around. Ah well.
  12. Looks like Apolon Grasgov.
  13. Here is the other side.
  14. I was just wondering if someone could tell me if this coin is ok. I weighed it and it is indeed 8.6g so I assume it is fine but just want re-assurance. Grade is fine? Not sure I am a newbie. Any help greatly appreciated. I have to do this in 2 posts as the max size is 100k and I don't know how to reduce it.
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