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1844 Half Penny Token


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its a 1844 Canada Bank of Montreal 1/2 Penny Token :ninja: check this site




Among the tokens that were struck in Canada, those issued by the Bank of Montreal are perhaps the commonest. In 1835 when many of the tokens that were either lightweight or made of brass were declared illegal, the Bank of Montreal issued a copper token bearing a bouquet of flowers on one side and the value uN sous within a wreath on the other. Two years later, during a rebellion by the French Canadians against the government, who they felt did not represent them, an extensive series of tokens was issued imitating those of the Bank of Montreal. They are very similar in design and upwards of forty different varieties are known. In 1838 and 1839 the bank issued a number of pennies and halfpennies depicting a view of the side and front of the bank building. The manager did not like the design, however, and most of them were withdrawn, causing them to be among the rarest and most popular tokens in the Canadian series. In 1842 the bank issued another series of tokens, this time showing only the front of the building and these were soon circulating in large quantities.


paragraph from http://www.oldandsold.com/articles02/article1088.shtml


so it most likely doesnt cost much.. 1 currently on ebay for $15.00 (canadian $'s)

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