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Question on Maria Theresa Thaler


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Here is a Maria Theresa Thaler from my collection. Can anyone please tell me if it is genuine or a forgery? (If I am correct, there are some very neat looking forgeries of this one.) If this is a genuine re-strike, what would be the strike date?





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Thanks a ton, gnome. The link you provided was most useful. Looks like a post-1986 Vienna restrike to me. It would be great if an expert would confirm this.


They're very nice coins, including the restrikes - I have two of them also. Here is another link for you with even more restrike identification information Maria Theresa site


You have your reading and researching cut out for ya :ninja:

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You are right there are a lot of these about. In fact from about 1860 till now they made over 300 million of them. It was the only trade dollar the Arabs would accept. it was minted all over the place under licence to Austria. The official information page on all the varities and how to ID them can be found at the following link. http://www.theresia.name/en/index.html I hope that helps.

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Thanks for all the info guys.


Here are the photographs of the inscription on the raised edge: IUSTITIA ET CLEMENTIA (Justice and Clemency). "CLEMENTIA" appers particularly worn to me.







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