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Are the £5 for £5 crowns avalable every year?


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I see 24carat.co.uk has the same similar paragraph under every page on the crowns


The Royal Mint has received approval to issue an historic new British coin on the occasion of The Queen's Diamond Wedding. The £5 coin will be available for one year only and is sure to be a real collector's item. As we are expecting unprecedented demand we are issuing a limit of one per household and have introduced a special application procedure to allow you to order your coin in advance. Don’t miss your chance to be amongst the first to own one for no more than the face value of £5. The Queen’s Diamond Wedding £5 coin will be sent direct from the Royal Mint in 2007, in time to celebrate The Queen’s 80th birthday on 21st April.


It also says the same for the 2008 and 2009 crowns, however though the years are incremented the reference is always about the Diamond Wedding crowns. This leaves me a little confused as to which is the case.


Can anyone tell me if they are sold off at face value at the end of every year?

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£5 coins are sold in three versions these days, Base metal, Silver proof, Gold proof here is a link to the Cupro nicle version that would cost £5 plus P&P (Shipping)




And here for some other versions of it :ninja:




If you check out my Omnicoin link you will see some that I have including the Diamond wedding issue

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