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Once the trust issue comes into play in my auctions, I'll most likely pull them and figure out how to avoid that situation again


I'll be redoing another auction and this time i'll make sure to have the coins described to the T and put a little notice up


ALL COINS ARE DESCRIBED AS THEY ARE, which means that the coins are correctly described, that way i can avoid any problems

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Colin, it's not a matter of trust it's simply knowing what we are bidding on. In this example, I have a 1982 half Balboa, but I do not have a 1982 Balboa, or quarter balboa or 1/10th Balboa. They are pegged to the dollar, so obviously I would be willing to bid more for a full Balboa than a 1/10th Balboa (just as you would probably be willing to pay more for an Ike dollar than a dime). These all have very similar design, so even an answer saing "it's the size of a quarter" etc. would have helped.

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