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Searching though large collection problem...

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Perhaps it serves me right when I hoarded too much that I'm having a bit of trouble searching through omnicoin. Suppose if I'm searching for 1960s Soviet coins in my own collection, the only way I can think of doing it efficiently is to hit "Russia" first and then arrange them under "year" and go through the list and guess roughly where it is. It wouldn't have been a problem if I didn't upload more than 1000 Russian coins (I'm sure it has already hit that much)


Is there a more efficient way of doing so? :ninja:

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The only time I have created a database for any of my collections is for the Scottish banknotes, but I am slowly dispersing them, but at one time I had over 400 different items in the collection. I could do sorts etc in the Excel file to find items etc. But I imagine that a lot of coins from one issuer are a lot different, and it would be better to classify them under denomination and date grade etc.


I am now at a point where I am accumulating enough Scottish coins that I am thinking this might be a good idea for tracking what I paid, what worth, grades etc. in case I want to upgrade etc.

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