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Looking for some goodies

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I'm looking for a couple of different things:

I need a 1925 Poland gold 20 Zlotych. I'm not sure how hard this will be to find as I've heard conflicting opinions on the availability of this particular coin. I've heard that it was struck strictly as a pattern, but then I also heard that there was a mintage of 27,000 :ninja:


Also looking for Italian 20 centesimi coins KM# 44. I just LOVE this design.



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Thanks for the clarification 16d...good to know. I'm trying to find this coin for Joe's great grandmother. Her 80th birthday (1925) is rapidly approaching and her parents came over from Poland through Ellis Island. Thought this would make a nice sentimental gift for her. Nice to know that it's not a pattern, I still have hope! :ninja:

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Thanks for all of the help guys...I just wanted to update and let everyone know that I've finally tracked down a 20 Zlotych gold piece and TWO 10 Zlotych gold pieces!


However, I'm ALWAYS looking for the Italian 20 centesimi pieces (KM #44) so please keep me in mind if y'all have any extras in need of a good home.



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