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How in the coin flippin' world...


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Man I looked at this one close and it scared me.... One of the reason I "NEVER" buy raw RED cents...

I could have never identified that this cent was played with.


If there was ever a case for SLABS boys,,, this makes the case in my book. To all dealers,,, if it's worth more than $100, and it's not slabbed,, keep it !


Merry Christmas !!!

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That coin is not an MS-60 I would say AU-50 The high points are to wore down to be a 60 thats on the face. And its not a VDB so that takes away from it. Its just a 1909 S AU-50 Redbook list as $240.00 max but the recolor no I wouldn't give a $100.00 for it. I would like to have it to fill a spot in my Lincoln collection book. I might give $75.00 for it.

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