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French Jetons??

De Orc

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Have posted pics of two French Jetons? that I know very little about


1739 Silver

'Ipso Foecunda Quotannis' tree & sun above 'Chambre aux Deniers'

Louis XI


1752 Silver

'Fiuit Eternum Que Ministrat' Unknown object above 'Tresor Royal'

Louis XV


If anyone has any Info it would be very greatfuly recieved ;) To view just follow the link in my sig :ninja:

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1739 jeton: Not in Mitchiner or Feuardent, but Mitchiner's listing of contemporary notices of minting include the jeton. Interesting piece. I can't tell if that is a book or some sort of tablet radiating over the landscape. (by the way, Louis XV)


1752 jeton: Are you sure it is not copper: Silver Feuardent 2084, but the obverse bust is wrong. The bust is that of 2085, a copper piece. Feuaradent describes the reverse as: A fountain running in a basin with an ancient mask posed on two horns of plenty.

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Nope it is Silver but the rest of your discription sounds about right and I appreciate the help :ninja:



It's also of interest to note that one of them is a classic known error legend. The one i'm thinking of has `christianss' (it should have read `christianiss' which in itself is an abbreviation of `christianissimus' meaning `most christian'). Later dies corrected the error, but not before it appeared on a number of different jeton types for that year. Not exactly `rare', but the error makes it a tad more interesting. You can now try and find one without the error......... ;)

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