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1570 Cyprus (Venician) Famagusta siege bisante (benzant).




Cyprus became an overseas colony of the Venetian Republic after it was purchased in 1489. This coin was an emergency issue minted while Famagusta was under siege by the Turks. It was to be redeemable in silver after the war. In 1571 Famagusta was captured and Cyprus became part of the Ottoman Empire.


16470. Bronze Bisante, Duby II 4; Neumann I 917; Schlumberger Tf. 8.14, F, 3.800g, 27.7mm, 225o, Farmagusta mint, 1570 A.D.; obverse CYPRIPRESSIIH PRO REG, winged lion left, 1570 below; reverse VENETOR FIDES INVI OLABILIS BISANTE 1 F, in five lines;


description taken from FORVM Ancient coins also a picture of the same type of coin on the link.


a couple of books.






and a camare stand (hopefully be able to take better coin pics now!).



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