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Die polishing, or something more sinister?

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Sorry about the poor photo quality.


I have a fruitcake tin full of '30s rijksdaalders, some of which were wrapped in paper towels ( :ninja: ) and developed varying degrees of colorful toning. The one in this pic has more luster than I could capture, but it also has weird streaks. They seem to run under the devices, which makes me wonder if it's the result of die polishing. Or was it a bad dip job? Any ideas?


Thank you, my friends.




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I will bet you good money that it was nothing dipping etc, it was the paper towels, which unbelievably have a huge amount of chemicals in them that will tone coins.


If anybody doubts me, go to a safe place like on the driveway, and light a paper towel with a lighter, it will basically go poof; it is also very very flammable.


So whatever petrol based chemicals they place on paper towels to increase absorbency and keep the paper intact will also cause toning on coins.

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Die polishing would show as striations in the field of the coin. As the surface of the die in worn down by polishing, it will create a raised area on the coin. If the polishing does not yield striations, then it might not be noticable unless extreme.

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Actually many of our older Copper coins have that streaky appearance. I can't remember the reason but it had something to do with the lousy metal plates used for the coins. This does not distract from a high grade to much if that is the reason. However, some people like toning on coins even more than untoned coins. If you look up places like toned coin web sites, you will find many, many people that do nothing but collect toned coins. I really don't like toned coins and would dip those in Acetone but that's me. There are many that would say leave well enough alone. They still look great.

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