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'98 Lincoln Brass plate Obv

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they are pretty common i have found at least a hundred through the last few years digging through change..



Out of how many Linocolns would you say this coin will show? I ask, because this is the first like it I have found out of the 15-17,000 Lincolns I have searched.. I know thats a relatively "Small Number" in comparison to the massive amount of Lincolns in circulation.! luck of the draw could easily come into play here.. However, I have found many of the "commen errors" 10 fold before finding a single coin of this type.

I included some more pics beside a normal '97 for comparison.. The bottom pic is edited to show the obv & rev of the '98 side by side.. FWIW, both the OBV & REV was scanned @ 600 DBI with no further adjustments made to visual effects.


Thanks,Cherry Picker.





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