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  1. Heres a few more links that may be helpful.. http://www.doubleddie.com/1801.html http://koinpro.tripod.com/Articles/1997DblEar.htm http://www.coppercoins.com/ http://www.varietyvista.com/index.htm
  2. 1984 Lincoln oddity.. Clash, Trails?? Not gas bubbles! I have already checked that out..
  3. Sorry, still dont see it.. What yr is this coin? Heres a 2006 double ear - http://lincolncentresource.com/doubledies/2006ddo4.html
  4. Dont see it.! Are you reffering to the ring beneath the lobe?
  5. As far as price goes, there is no differance in the 2 types of 71 S DDO's that have been attributed.. But which one is this?
  6. Hope you didn't meen a good pic.! I already stapled the coin in a flip so a cammera shot is out.. Heres a scan though.
  7. BTW,this was found in a OBW roll purchased off e-bay.. I also found a 27P & a 30P in collectable condition, but not much of anything else worth mentioning.
  8. When I first seen this I was sure it was a DDO.! I have never seen a machine double this strong concentrated in only one area on the devices.. This coin turned out to be a MM variety as well.! but IMO, its a keeper also because of the very strong double image.. Just thought it was neat & would share it with you guys/gals..
  9. Thats a good way to start collecting them.! Thats how I started. I was given the link posted above by a member on cc & was surprised that some die trail examples are quite valuable.. BTW, Copper Coins now has a new area specifically for die trails.. Check it out.!
  10. Looking to purchase a 1901 S Morgan in a grade of XF.. Need a solid coin for my collection.! Not into cleaned/altered coins at reduction prices. Post a pic of what you have or PM me the details.. Thanks,RC.
  11. EDITED to Single trade/sale.. Anyone interested in tradeing? I would like to trade this MS- 1883 CC morgan for a 1883 S morgan in AU53 condition.. The 83 S is the last coin I need to complete my 80's - S mint collection) Will also sell the coin for $210.00 shipped to you insured.. Prefer Pay-Pal as payment method.
  12. Thats what I thought to, but none of the die markers match & there is no trails from the date.! I believe its a new die or possibly a different die state as there are no die cracks at all on my example..
  13. Steven, I confirmed it is a 2006 P.. I will check copper coins for the variety, Thanks. Heres another recent find, it is a 2008 P with weak die trails from liberty.
  14. Did anyone notice the picture is on my TV screen.? The coin was magnified using the mini bionic eye plug in tv microscope, or in other words, the eye clops.. Not bad for a 20.00 toy hu?
  15. Found a few new cents thats interesting! probably not of much value, but interesting anyhow.. I plucked the 1983 from circulation, nothing really special.! but I dont ussually find them this nice still floating around.. The others are Die trails. Anyone else collect these?
  16. Hello to all.. Its been a while since I been here & thought Id drop in & visit and see whats going on. Anyhow, I thought Id share my latest toy.. Litterally.! It is a toy.. Check out the pic of the coin & tell me what you think of my new cheap toy. BTW, this is a personal find, I believe it is a DDO??
  17. I collect morgans & would agree with a grade of fine.. That is a dream coin.! I would like to own one some day myself..
  18. Congrats corky.! Not sure where you should post the pics, but looking forward to seeing them..
  19. Looks like post mint damage to me.. FWIW,The mint mark looks notched. Cherry Picker
  20. Actually, I found 3 in circulation.! 2 of the variety above + a 2004 P 1DR-016 class 9 I found last night.. I Just haven't got a pic of it yet.! Ill post it when I do.. Cherry Picker
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