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  1. Heres a few more links that may be helpful.. http://www.doubleddie.com/1801.html http://koinpro.tripod.com/Articles/1997DblEar.htm http://www.coppercoins.com/ http://www.varietyvista.com/index.htm
  2. 1984 Lincoln oddity.. Clash, Trails?? Not gas bubbles! I have already checked that out..
  3. Sorry, still dont see it.. What yr is this coin? Heres a 2006 double ear - http://lincolncentresource.com/doubledies/2006ddo4.html
  4. Dont see it.! Are you reffering to the ring beneath the lobe?
  5. As far as price goes, there is no differance in the 2 types of 71 S DDO's that have been attributed.. But which one is this?
  6. Hope you didn't meen a good pic.! I already stapled the coin in a flip so a cammera shot is out.. Heres a scan though.
  7. BTW,this was found in a OBW roll purchased off e-bay.. I also found a 27P & a 30P in collectable condition, but not much of anything else worth mentioning.
  8. When I first seen this I was sure it was a DDO.! I have never seen a machine double this strong concentrated in only one area on the devices.. This coin turned out to be a MM variety as well.! but IMO, its a keeper also because of the very strong double image.. Just thought it was neat & would share it with you guys/gals..
  9. Thats a good way to start collecting them.! Thats how I started. I was given the link posted above by a member on cc & was surprised that some die trail examples are quite valuable.. BTW, Copper Coins now has a new area specifically for die trails.. Check it out.!
  10. Looking to purchase a 1901 S Morgan in a grade of XF.. Need a solid coin for my collection.! Not into cleaned/altered coins at reduction prices. Post a pic of what you have or PM me the details.. Thanks,RC.
  11. EDITED to Single trade/sale.. Anyone interested in tradeing? I would like to trade this MS- 1883 CC morgan for a 1883 S morgan in AU53 condition.. The 83 S is the last coin I need to complete my 80's - S mint collection) Will also sell the coin for $210.00 shipped to you insured.. Prefer Pay-Pal as payment method.
  12. Thats what I thought to, but none of the die markers match & there is no trails from the date.! I believe its a new die or possibly a different die state as there are no die cracks at all on my example..
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