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Poor scans

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Hi guys,


I have some new additions to my collection (finally) and want to post them on omnicoin. Instead of using my digital camera, I'd like to use our standard flatbed scanner. I placed the coin (which is in a slab) on the scanner, tried a few different resolutions and sharpenings, scanned a few times, and this is what I typically get:


Well, the attachment is here somewhere.. just in case it isn't: the image looks very shaky and rippley like throwing a stone in a pond. Any advice on what to do to get the best scan with a slabbed coin?

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The scanner cannot focus on the coin because it is behind the plastic. It is actually focusing on the front plain of the slab. Even when photographing these with a camera, you need to go to manual focus and hone in on the face of the coin or you get the same effect. Scanners have a very narrow depth of field.

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hmmm.. so no way of tweaking with the scanner to have it focus at a different depth?


I guess I'll have to whip out the digicam to get a pic of this one. Pity, such a beautiful coin. Can't wait to share it with you guys. Thanks for the tips guys.

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