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the swiss job :P


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well since i like simple coins an get alot of swiss coins which look the same but diff yrs i thought hey y dont i make an exclusive collection of swiss coins so far not counting recurring yrs i have 27 swiss coins :D hmm forgot to check mint mark ;) some yrs have both b an plain coins :D anyway any time i get a new swissy ill post here nvr know when ill get new 1's but ehh ;) anyway ill make a list of the coins i currently have here an update it as time goes by x) (list will be here 2morrow xD its 4.30 am im tired xD )


btw guys/girls :wub: u should do the same for ur collections :ninja: nice idea to be up 2 date :D u can also check the site when ur at a dealer wondering if u have the coin of that yr :D (that is if ur dealer has a computer or u have a pda ;)) an others can compare or even help u find some coins missing in ur collection ;) cheers

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Swiss coins are great, especially older swiss coins, my dealer has a Unc 1922 silver 5 franc in his case, I've been eyeing it for a while, but can't find the extra cash to spend on a pricey coin like that. I do own a smaller 1932 silver 5 franc though, but it's worth about 10% as much, lol. The older (is it rappen?) copper coins are nice, I have a couple of them, and they are pretty cool. :ninja:




Btw, RD, you used 10 smileys in your post, you are a happy camper, lol.

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i know :D actually i used more ;) but 10's the limit :'( xD (an smaller 1's r rappen ;) 100 rappen = 1 franc) an :ninja: sounds nice ;) how much exactly is it ^_^if i may ask ;) the 1922 5 franc


ps :- list coming soon :D cant now cause have to get ready to go out with the family for lunch :/ they woke me up :'(

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how much exactly is it ^_^if i may ask :ninja: the 1922 5 franc


I think it was in the $60 some dollar range, 60 or 70, I can't remember.

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wow lol nice :ninja: ok anyway heres the list ;) :- (* for those i have extras ;) )


1929-b 5 rappen

1955-b 10 rappen

*1959-b 10 rappen

1963-b 5 rappen

*1968-b 1 franc

1969-b 1 franc

1969-b 2 franc

*1970 20 rappen

1973 10 rappen

1973 1/2 franc

1974 2 franc

*1974 1/2 franc

1974 10 rappen

1975 1 franc

1977 2 franc

1978 10 rappen

1979 1/2 franc

1980 1 franc

1980 5 rappen

*1981 20 rappen

1981 10 rappen

1982 10 rappen

*1982 5 rappen

1991-b 20 rappen

1992 5 rappen

1996-b 10 rappen

1998-b 1 franc


;) gonna update it when ever i get new 1's :D (ps i only bought 1 from the list others r all from family an frnds ;) )

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I like the Swiss coins.


They are extremely well made and remarkably undervalued. Krause

has tripled their catalog prices for the cu/ ni francs in the last couple

years but they're still way too low.


These appear in mint sets so none are rare but mintages were usually

only 5 or 10,000. Attrition on these isn't extremely high but the sets are

the source of virtually all the singles that have been offerred over the



These coins mostly went into circulation and have been heavily worn

over the years. Most of the European coins suffered the same fate and

were then melted a few years ago. The Swiss coins are some of the few

still getting a workout.

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They are extremely well made and remarkably undervalued.


exactly.... an the 1 ones i have that r from 1960's until now all look like proofs except for the mirror like shine...the head an letters an stuff look like they r made from a diff metal thats clean an nice but not shiney while the background or w/e ;)(area next to the head an stuff with no pics just plain xP) is a lil lighter colour an has a lil shine to it ;) kinda like proofs but not proofs :ninja: get my drift X)

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Unless it a key date, no.

*Gets Krause*

And the Krause says...

HELL no!

You can get VF for a buck.

I got 2 franc 1964-B on AU-50 for 2 bucks from my coin dealer.



Silver coins were widely saved all over the world. The only ones that are

tough are those with low mintages.


Cu/ ni and other base metal coins were usually ignored and some are rare

no matter how high the mintages. This appears to be the case with the '68

and later large denomination Swiss coins.


These do look really nice in silver so there is widespread demand for the old-

er coins. These usually will bring a nice premium in unc and more in gem.

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