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2001 year of the volunteer dime


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This is a "normal" coin that someone has altered, likely by using a chemical that attacks nickel.


-The coin is made of a steel core with several platings of metal on top. On your coin, the nickel layer on top has been removed, showing the copper layer underneath. The nickel appears to be showing on the rim.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Canadian dime was never made of cupro-nickel. It was pure nickel until 2001 when it went to nickel-plated steel. That being said, though, I agree with ccg. It appears to have been hit with acid to remove the outer layer.

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In the condition that it's in, it's basically a "spender". But even an UNC 2001 Year of the Volunteer dime doesn't really have much of a premium (and small enoungh that a dealer would likely refuse to buy a roll at any premium)

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