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3CN appear to be making a move


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I really didn't think I'd see this happen as an overnight thing, but in the past couple of weeks I'm watching the rarer date 3CN start making VERY aggressive moves on eBay. The prices I'm seeing are even more aggressive than some dealer's prices I've recently seen and I thought the dealers were already being a bit optimistic. I'm actually quite surprised. The common dates aren't moving, but if more date sets are being put together this will likely change as well.


Who knows, this may be just a blip. If you're interested in collecting all the dates you should strongly search out the 1879-1889 dates sooner than later; especially 1880-1887 (minus 1881).


I watched one coin (1880 barely XF) sell for over $500 which last month would have a hard time selling for $250-$300. I saw another (1882 VF-) go for $300 which I wouldn't have though to get $150-$175 or so.


And, oh yeah....I've seen virtually NO 1875 3CN for sale...any where. Now, that said, yes I know where a couple that are for sale and have been for a little while, but no fresh inventory.


I don't understand why this jump all of a sudden. Any ideas? Will these prices realized retreat just as quickly? Just an anomaly?

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When it rains it pours, right? Market trends really have been all over the place lately, especially on uncommon coins. My guess is they will fall back, but stay well above the current "trend".


Keep in mind this is all my own opinion, but to me people in the market are getting tired waiting for new coins to come out, so they are starting to ever so slowly turn to the older coins. And because of the amount of coin collecters that joined our ranks from the state quarters, prices are just going to keep rising on anything unusual, and things that are currently cheap.


If you ask me, common date morgans, and WWII era coins will remain close to current trends in G-Vf, while Xf-ChUnc will jump a little. Meanwhile pre-barber coinage will see a big jump in the next 2-3 years, and odd denomination coins in all grades (2cent, 3cent silver, 3cent CN, half dimes, and 20 cent coins) are going to jump a considerable amount, maybe even double or more of current trends. And there is a good chance we will see the end of the $5 large cent cull buckets within the next 3-5 years as well.


Now, I've only been in this since 92, so I still have a lot to learn on market forecasting, but from what I've seen, experienced, and have been taught by my old timer friends, the "Good 'Ol Days" are long gone.

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Sometimes this happens when a couple of collectors discover the whiles of eBay, they bid against one another in a frenetic pace and then all returns back to normal in time. I have seen this with Scottish banknotes in the past, someone new would come along and bid up everything in site and then drop off the end of the world when they had blown all their dough.

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