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  1. I have 4 sets of these quarters (all kept very securely in tubes) that I spent the 10 years necessary to look through multiple rolls for each and every release to get an average grade of Gem for each coin. This set will only include the original 50 states. I have no problem release at least 2 of these sets, but I probably want to hold at least 1 for myself. When I state an average grade of Gem, that means I personally believe each coin will fall between the MS64-66 range. I firmly believe there are some super gems in the mix and definitely some that don't make the gem level (as my luck
  2. Please request reverse and missing coin images if you have interest in various pieces. This forum only allows a limited number of images per post, unfortunately.
  3. I'd prefer to a trade in pre-33 gold coin for all or any combination of the below coins. The prices represent approximate Numismedia pricing. Shipping will vary based on coins involved in the trade (and possibly free). If you need higher resolution photos please PM me. Some of these are scans some of which have some white specs or artifacts that, of course, are not part of the coin. 1855 Three Cent Silver VF : $120 1875 Three Cent Nickel Ch VF (SLEEPER; tougher date) : $40 1882 Three Cent Nickel (SCARCE) F+ : $175 1888 Three Cent Nickel (SCARCE) Ch VF : $85 18
  4. I'm absolutely elated to say that the next Coin World's cover story is one written by me. "The Power of 3's", a story about the three cent denomination. I've written several articles for Coin World but getting the cover is a first for me. All unattributed photographs in the article are my own (which I guess could be good or bad). I would like to hear your candid thoughts on the article. Don't be afraid to take me to task...in fact, go for it! This article has one of the longest bibliographical lists I've ever compiled for any article/report I've done. It was a lot of work to correlate
  5. For those who get Coin World, please let me know what you think about my article entitled "Foreign Coins Circulate in U.S." in the World Coins section. Normally, I would get feedback from readers who send me e-mail, but that was not included in the article this time.
  6. I hope it was okay to reply to a bunch of the museum areas and add pictures. I noticed that most areas had either no pictures or broken picture links.
  7. Here's a semi-key in a very tough to find original, problem-free, circulated condition:
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