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Discussing your experiences with online shops...

Grant Ness

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I had read through the rules and was unsure of whether or not it was ok to do this (some forums prohibit this) but is it ok to share experiences with the shops and e-bay dealers you've dealt with online here in the forum?


I know for me it would be helpful to view references from people who buy from them, and really get the straight dope on things like shipping time, prices, and how they handle problems.


Anyone want to chime in on this?

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It's allowed as far as I know. Assumign you're not trying to buy/sell something here. Go ahead.


I've dealt with a few shops but you have any good stories?

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Noteshobby from eBay - averages about 12 days from order to arrival. No problems with notes, is forthright about correcting problems (he quickly mailed me an errant note forgotten from my order) and overall is pleasant to deal with. I plan to order from again.


Chris from Page's C & C - answers questions quickly, is quick to ship (average = 5 days from order to arrival) and is overall pleasant to deal with also. I also plan to order from again.


Banknote Center - does answer questions, but takes a while. Longest vendor thus far for shipping, 21 days (from Greece). Has a good selection of notes to order from. Pleasant to deal with.

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