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1968 San Diego ANA Convention Badge

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1968 San Diego, CA

- Numismatist May 1973, pp781-782


Nameplate: 30mm x 57mm, gilt and with a pin clasp back.


Ribbon: A blue suspension ribbon was employed.


Pendant: 44mm, octagonal, bronze and looped.


Obverse: The legend states, BY LAND SEA AND AIR and at the bottom, WHERE CALIFORNIA BEGAN. Pictured is a glider, commemorating John Montgomery’s first heavier than air controlled flight. At the center is the Mission San Diego de Alcala and on the lower left is the San Salvador, the flagship of Juan Cabrillo, the explorer.


Reverse: The ANA seal is depicted atop an Atlas missile pointing diagonally upwards to the left. Below the seal is an aircraft carrier, symbolic of San Diego Harbor and the US Navy. Included is a depiction of San Diego’s skyline. The legend states, CITY / IN / MOTION.


Quantity: 2500 badges were issued.


Medals: Identical to badge except un-looped. Bronze and silver medals were issued in sets of two. 325 sets encased in white Plexiglas holders were issued.


Price: $7.50 plus $3.00 for S&H to US addresses. Non-US postage can be arranged.

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