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1957 d bu Lincoln cent

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This is from a roll of 57d Lincoln coppers I recently purchased.

There are seventeen of these cents in this roll. All of them have the same marking/die crack? They all show the bottom of the 'B' in Liberty as being filled.

All of them also have an extra kernel on the left wheat ear on the reverse. Three of these cents have gouges on the back. I will post the others separately.



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That is a diechip in the B. It is not unusual to find a lot of the same in a roll. It's even quite logic, when you stop and think of it. It's interesting that you have the ones with gouges too. It shows neatly what a die goes through while striking thousands of blanc planchets.


I don't think they are candidates for the coppercoins.com website, since it's not a clear dievariety.


Nice find!





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