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Need a few values as well...


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Actually not quite done here yet... :ninja: I don't have a 19th century Krause, and i just need the values for these.


1-Hong Kong-5 cents-1895


2-Canada-large cent-1887


3-Canada-large cent-1893


4-Great Britain-1/2 penny-1900


5-Great Britain-1/2 penny-1861


6-Italy-20 centesimi-1894


7-France-10 centimes-1890


8-Austria-2 heller-1899


And lastly, a 1943 "V-back" Canadian nickel...which for some reason is not in my book. Grrrr...


This is the last of em i promise....thx again for the help.



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F/VF/XF (4th edition)


1-Hong Kong-5 cents-1895 1/2.5/5.5

2-Canada-large cent-1887 4/6/11

3-Canada-large cent-1893 3/5/7.5

4-Great Britain-1/2 penny-1900 1.5/3/8

5-Great Britain-1/2 penny-1861 1.5/6/30 (Varieties)

6-Italy-20 centesimi-1894 0.5/1.25/5 (Varieties)

7-France-10 centimes-1890 2/8/20

8-Austria-2 heller-1899 0.15/0.25/1

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