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  1. Greek inscription says "King Demetrios". Hope this will help!
  2. And yet! Since technologies went far these two years this topic was created, now I can transfer and use Excel files in my phone. So my catalog is always with me! I wondering if any other soft can be used in mobiles.
  3. DawsonsLV

    Coin humor

    Serious attempt for US to regain status of "world money"! On the other hand theese will be cleanest coins ever! Cause everyone will spit on them!
  4. First time I've got interested in coins was about 1980. That was age of Soviet Union and I've found a coin with country name "Latvija". I believe for most of you it's a surprise, but that was first time I've got to know that my Fatherland once was an independent country! And that's how I started to collect coins. And at that moment I couldn't imagine that I'll have a coin dated 1992 with Latvia on it! That was far dream... About 1985 (still under SU) I discovered "meetings of collectors". And that was a wonderful world, that opened me at least a small piece of outside world. And the world of
  5. I'm not a specialist in Latin, but may be it's to be read "per feci" ("for creation")?
  6. A: Saudi Arabia 25 Halala KM-48 (correct denomination) 1392 (1972) B: Egypt 10 Milliemes KM-364 1357-1938
  7. Bruce, can you post picture? Don't be shy. May be you have found a new variety! In my life I have found 2! Both not for my country but now recognized by numismats of these countries!
  8. One word: Sweat! If we're about to compare "Tarnishing traditions" in Sweden and EU, then we should take a look not just on (I'd say-) hard to dark "NordGold". Let's take a look at Swedish 50 oere and 1;2;5 eurocent coins at the end of the summer! There's a difference if you look at cents in Finland or in Mediterranean country. Thats close to "mission impossible" to find cents in the South fully lustrous! No problem for NorthStates. The South has some adventages, but not in numismatics...
  9. I would like to add "Poor Elizabeth!" Have you seen 1 pound coin older than 4 years in circulation where Elizabeth's face is not totally beaten up? The Swedish 10 crown coin has approximately same shape and same color but even after 16 years of being circulated it looks much better! Must be the alloy Britts have choose (Cu70/Zn24.5/Ni5.5) is much worse for coins than Swedish (Cu89/Al5/Zn5/Sn1) Poor Elizabeth and lucky Carl Gustav!
  10. 1; 2 and 5 eurocent common side still shows tha map where Eastern border of EU lies between Germany and Poland. Thus Slovenia strucks coins showing it outside EU. Funny... The other question: Does anybody knows how often national sides can be changed? If those where monarch dies may, I don't believe others may not.
  11. Looks like Brandenburg 1619-1640
  12. Are you guys working just for Latvia? Another entry: 1 santims 2007
  13. Looks misterious! Try to ask what script does it contain first! There are some letters, that looks arabic, but some looks quite strange! May be Hindu?
  14. "Imagine owning a piece of history!" This is taken from description of coin. I've tried to imagine and better I wouldn't! Those who have weak nerves: DO NOT follow the link! http://cgi.ebay.com/Unknown-Medieval-Silve...1QQcmdZViewItem
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