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British for Aussie Trade?

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Hello from Australia,


I am a collector of Australian decimal and predecimal coins and bank notes, and more recently dabbling with British coins. If any collectors in this forum have a similar interest biased in the other direction (ie collectors of British coins, with an interest in Australian coins) and wish to avoid the "middleman" (Ebay, dealers etc),


*infomation edit*


I trust this invitation is not in violation of the codes of conduct for this forum.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Regards, John T (Red_Heeler)

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G'day John,


Welcome to coinpeople.com :ninja: As much as I would like to invite you to this forum, this forum unfortunately has a strict policy when it comes to new users trying to sell what they have. This is the only way that we can tell the difference between genuine users and scammers who just come here irregularrly.


I understand that you do have excellent ebay credientials but the rules are made here a long time ago. The forum rules here states that each member must be on this forum for at least 30 dates with 25 posts in order to do any form of advertisement. The days and posts are there so that people in this forum can get to know you better. I just hope you don't misunderstand me. ;)


Once again, welcome to coinpeople! Hope to see more of your posts and your numismatics knowledge ;)



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Oh I almost forgot. . . .

It gives me great pleaser to Welcome you to the Wonderful place here. it is a land like no other with free posting and a few silent partners we here would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and send you a big spazmatic Welcome.

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