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Nooooo!! It cant be happening!


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I was just going through my coin cases, and I cam across a loose dime, so I pulled everything out and put it in the bag i keep all of my dimes in. Well I pulled out some more of my dimes and just started looking out of curiousity. Then I found my Mercs. and I remembered that my grandmother had given me all of her duplicates that she had about a year ago. I put them in a dime book for safe keeping. well, when I saw my loose mercs, i remember that i put them in the book at her house in NC. so I went to pull out my merc. book, and it is GONE! It had about 10 or 15 dimes in it, and they are alll gone! all of them! now the only Mercs I have are the 4 that werent in the book! I'm devastated!

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Any chance that it was misplaced or just another bag that looks similar to it? :ninja:


No, because they were in their own whitman coin book. the only thing that i can think of is that I left them at my grandmothers house...but...i have coins that i bought while i was there that particular time sitting here next to me. i dont understand it, but oh well. it was nothing spectacular. i'll just start over!

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