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Why Dansco 7070 when you can have Uzdenikov 7070?


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I find trying to complete Uzdenikov's basic catalogue to be quite hellish! ;) Now you know why I'm rather quiet these days ;)


In fact, I am starting to have troubles remembering what I have, so I made this up by editing mine onto his black and white catalogue. Quite a useful visual aid really ;) (Maybe I should start out an album book :ninja: )


I managed to stab at least one on each page but had trouble trying to find any early Alexander I copper coins, except for a 5 kopek. Now that's going to be a serious challenge. I did decide to be sneaky and used overstruck images for some ultra rare coins - well that will be replaced when I get the real ones some day ;)


The silver page will come out when I have the time.




All background images are from Uzdenikov's Russian coins 1700-1917 catalogue:







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