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Elongate aluminum tokens

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I recently acquired two elongates for my aluminum collection. One is a historic piece, the other was created by a collector for collectors.


First, the historic piece:




The Pan-American Exposition in Saint Louis. President McKinley was assassinated outside the Temple of Music by an assassin who approached seeking a handshake. The gun was concealed beneath a handkerchief that covered his hand. The token is rolled on an aluminum blank that appears to be a blank. The reverse reads, Building in which/ President McKinley / was shot/ Sept. 6, 1901.


The second is from many years later and is rolled on a game piece from Shell's presidential coin game. Too bad it was not a McKinley game piece. Then the two would really have gone together.




The piece was rolled by Lloyd Wagamon to promote elongated collecting. He published a catalog of his own work in 1973. I don't remember much about the Shell coin game (ca. the copyright date of 1968), but I remember these playing pieces around in the 1970s. I don't have Wagamon's catalog, so I'm guessing 1975. If someone knows for sure, please respond here.


The elongate implores one to "Ride a Hobby Horse, Collect Elongateds.

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