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Outillage Historique: French minting tools online


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The French Mint (Monnaie de Paris) now has a comprehensive collection of historic dies online. At http://outillagehistorique.monnaiedeparis.fr/ (in French) it presents dies for coins and medals, and other tools used for the production of coins, with various pictures from the 16th ("XVIe siècle") and 17th ("XVIIe siècle") century.


You can select a century, and then a king, to view the dies, seals, etc. of that period. Or click on the keys to get a list of keywords (mots-clés); then select a term to view items associated with that keyword.


Side note: If you come across the French word "coin" there, keep in mind that this means "die". In other contexts (fr) "coin" can also mean (en) "corner" or "angle", but it does not mean (en) "coin". :ninja: (I'll spare you the pun about the coin that makes coins, and la monnaie qui produit des monnaies, hehe.)



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That's automatically in my bookmark. Paris Mint here I come! ;)



Better bring some major cash, hard to get out of there without buying loads. If you go to their boutique around the corner from the Museum they literally have dozens of catalogs to go through, and they are more than helpful with selling you anything you want, and quite a bit you didn't know you wanted. :ninja:

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