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Atlanta Piedmont Exposition

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Altlanta 1889 Piedmont Exposition

Aluminum Proof, 31.8 mm, 8.13 gm


Possibly aluminum or white medal. The piece is thick and has extreme wire rims with excess metal. The edge is scored in a fashion that leads me to blieve that someone started to trim the medal but did not finish.


Piedmont Park was home to a variety of expositions, many of the Cotton States expositions. I can't say much about this pieve except to say it appears to be proof and the extreme amount of metal remaining to form the wire rim makes it seem that this piece was not struck as part of a regular issue. Perhaps it was a trial or test piece. Perhaps some one was experimenting with a new aluminum alloy. Perhaps it is just a well preserved white metal specimen.


An interesting piece that will require more study.

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That's an interesting piece. I used to go to Piedmont Park when I lived in Atlanta. The area around the park went through a fantastic metamorphis from delapidated and uninhabitable to premium housing. It was interesting to watch.

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