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Hawaii Notes


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I'm not a US note collector so I don't know what to tell my brother. He purchased a 1935E series Hawaii note and wants to know some info about it.


For instance, what is the history behind the notes? What is the value of the notes? Anything I can pass on to him would be appreciated.



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The whole purpose of having notes with Hawaii overprinted on them was to prevent them from being used by the Japanese in the event that they intended to invade the Hawaiian Islands. Most people believe that Hawaii was only attacked on December 7th 1941, but actually the Japanese launched another attack against a radar station in Hawaii in March 1942 which led the US Govt to believe that the Japanese probably intended to subsequently invade the islands.


Beginning in 1942 the use of banknotes without Hawaii printed on them was prohibited, and only the overprinted notes were authorised for usage in the islands.


Similarly $1-$10 bills were printed with yellow treasury seals that were only used by American forces in North Africa, so that if the money was captured by either the Germans or Italians it could be rapidly demonetized.

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