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Dockwallipers metal detecting finds contest.

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Time to put this baby to bed.


Broke a couple of my own records last year.

Totals coins 5055(New high)

The clad...

Mem cents 2416

Nickels 653

Dimes 1106

Quarters 644

Ken Half 1

SBA's 2

Sackies 3

Canadian cents 128

" nickels 5

" Dime 1

" Quarter 5

Other foreign 3


Good Stuff....

Wheaties 70

No Date Buff 1

War Nickel 1

V nickel 1 (My first and oldest find of the year 1911)

Silver Rosies 4

Mercs 5

Silver Washers 5

Canadian Silver quarter 1


Total Silvers 16 (Also a new high)


Gonna be tough to beat but I'll have fun tryin'.


The prize is a 1928 D Buffalo Nickel and a couple other things I have sittin' around.


PM me your addy Zach and I'll get them out to you.

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Uh... this is zach... using thedeadpoint's username for some reason. Just send them to George @ Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. They'll be able to take it from there.




I should have a contest similar to this of what I found.


My two days with my brand new detector that I got for xmas resulted in a total of 2 coins that had a face value of 26 cents.


Can you guess the exact number of the denominations I found?

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