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LensWork Photographic Magazines


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I have a collection of LensWork magazines that I'd like to trade/sell. They're excellent sources of inspiration/information for anyone interested in photography (a little too intense in some cases for folks under 18 years of age).


LensWork Website


Price for each issue is $2.50 plus postage. I rather have the dollar equivalent in coins that I need for my collection. So what do you have to trade. (Single issues cost $9.95 plus postage on their website.)


There is a LensWork website that allows you to view pdf previews of the various issues. Just page down to the issue you want to see and select the preview.


LensWork Issue Preview Page




Issue 56

Issue 54

Issue 52

Issue 51

Issue 47

Issue 46

Issue 44

Issue 36

Issue 35

Issue 33

Issue 32

Issue 31

Issue 30

Issue 28

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