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History of CP

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Guest Stujoe

The original "Brief History Of Coinpeople" post:


Here are some links to the Early days of CoinPeople.com There are few images in most cases because the website has changed servers a couple of times. Some of the graphics that are there are not the right ones because they went through changes too. I know Andyy will remember most all of it. :ninja: Otyhers might find it interesting. Others not, but here it is, as a record for myself if nothing else. ;):


CoinPeople.com started as a site about my collection on tripod and was called The Stujoe collection:




not much there but the pages for each series originally linked to a list of the coins I had and needed for each series. Later, I added in some links on each series page that related to the history of the series.


The next step was the purchase of the domain thestujoecollection.com:




By this time, The Grading Challenge had made an appearance and I was starting to add in general coin information related to my areas of collecting.

More of the links work in the archive above.


Not too long after that came my first attempt at a forum section to the website:




This was just an add-on forum to the regular website which was still growing.


From there the site continued to grow:




but went through a small contraction period upon the abandoning of the initial forum attempt:




Then, the current forum based format was implemented and began to take shape:




Soon after that, the name was changed to CoinPeople.com

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Yes, quite interesting indeed. Most of those web.archive.org links do not work any more: "We're sorry, access to (...) has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt." But that may actually be good since the .com address is "dead" anyway. Stujoe has a sort of archived version of the old forum here however: http://www.thestujoecollection.net/index.php


(And once in a while somebody still posts there. :ninja: )



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