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Pennsylvania Colonial 1/2 Crown Note


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These are items in which the retail and wholesale prices differ a bit. For a long time until a few years ago I collected these, and even have this note. On some of the higher grade uncirculated or rare examples the prices have appreciated considerably, however on well circulated notes they have more or less trudged along price wise. They were often released out of state archives beginning in the 1950's on up through the 1970's, and some previously very rare notes became common, in particular Connecticut notes.


At some point in the near future I want to image my collection, I have some uncancelled and uncirculated notes which are very rare, as well as common notes.


Price wise on this, I would say in the low 100's range.

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Guest Aidan Work

These are listed in the Pick Specialised catalogue.As it was issued prior to 1776,it is a British Commonwealth numismatic item that would really be of interest to me.



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