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Jubilee Half Dollar

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I ordered these off of Ebay a few years back. I got 2 Uncirculated 2002 QE2 Jubilee half dollars. I dont remembered what I paid, but it was only a few dollars. I know that these were minted for her 50 year Jubilee, but I was wondering does anybody have any other info on them? Like how many were minted and going rates.

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In the charlton standard book that coin had a mintage of 14,440,000, if it is any less than a ms-60 they don;t have it listed ms-60 is listed at $1.


they used the 1953 obverse design for the canadian coronation medallion, and the reverse is the coat of arms with 2 dates 1952-2002.


hope this helps ya :ninja:

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Cool cool! Thanks. Thats not very many minted though. Are they used in circulation??


Relatively speaking, it's the highest mintage for a Canadian 50c, and the first since 1986 to cross the 1m mark. The last 1990s onwards typically had mintages of about 300-400k.


I try to put them in circulation, along with other 50c, but they never really last...

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