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1828-1845 Platinum rubles


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3, 6, 12 rubles were minted for an ultra short period of time, and are the only platinum coins minted for circulations.


The metal used in these coins are claimed to be "pure" ural platinum coins, but it has been shown that this may not necessary be true, but in fact, some refined process has happened. I so far have no real materials to back up how the Russians managed to smelt platinum at a grand scale or how pure the platunum is. In fact, a research on platinum have shown that pure refinery of platinum was only seriously investigated in the late 1700's and early 1800's, leaving a lot of mysteries of how the refinery process was like.


Nevertheless back to the topic, the first platinum coin was the 3 rubles coin minted in 1828, 6 rubles in 1829 and 12 rubles in 1830. (P.S. the mass of the 12 rubles platinum coin is over an ounce!!! Refer to the Russian coin articles data table).


Such coins are very very very difficult to find. Although the 3 ruble coins are the easiest to find, which pops out on eBay auction sites approximately once every 2 months, a 6 ruble one will pop out on eBay like twice in one year and a 12 ruble one in approximately 2 years or even longer.


Here is a 3 ruble coin on auction right now: Auction page


Here is another one but on a Russian auction site: Auction site


Example of a 12 ruble piece: 12 rubles


Note that there indeed are PROOF platinum ruble coins minted; they are exceedingly scarce, and they are quite priceless... a 12 ruble proof coin went over 18,000USD on one of the auctions if I am not wrong...


Hope you enjoyed it :ninja:

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:ninja: I have been searching the Internet for almost a year, but I have been unable to find the 1825 - 1845 platinum rubles. Where is a reputable dealer who has these coins for sale?
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There is a coin dealer down here that is currently selling a 3 platinum ruble. If I am not wrong, his is a 1832 3 ruble aUNC, around 3000USD or something, but don't quote me.


If you are looking for the 6 and 12 ruble one, you might be better off looking at an international coin auction house because they are extremely scarce.


What kind of price range are you looking about? :|

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:ninja: I have been searching the Internet for almost a year, but I have been unable to find the 1825 - 1845 platinum rubles.  Where is a reputable dealer who has these coins for sale?



Do not know any dealers, but it you can make it to Finland next month (I will be there ;) ), you might see one at the Finnish Numismatic Society's quarterly auction.


Since it is not a super-hyped auction, one can often get some good finds at decent prices. This one here went for €1200:



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Hum, seems like my post is getting a bit outdated. Imperial Russian coins were quite plentiful last year, or more specifically before the platinum price spiked. And I really do regret the time when I saw a battered up 3 ruble coin 400USD 2 years ago... :ninja: Right now, the platinum bullion in the coin alone can easily hit 250-300USD, and so such coins are getting fairly expensive by the day... ;)


But yes, don't dispair, I will try to ask my dealers here. The last time I saw such platinum coin online is here: http://www.coinvault.com but as you can see, he just recently sold such coin (but battered). I think you can email and ask if he has any in reserve...


Hum.. the Russian auction site doesn't have any 3 ruble coin for sale right now... ;)

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