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Prices realized for Russian Roubles


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I started a project on my site www.avscoins.com creating a database of downloaded photos, descriptions and prices realized of Roubles of Russia (up to 1917), sold by various auction houses which published online auction catalogues. Unfortunately, usually auction catalogues are published for a short time only and deleted after auctions. The purpose of this project is to preserve such information with prices realized thus helping to determine the market value of Russian Roubles which is not always easy using only printed catalogues. Descriptions are shown as provided by auctioneers, prices realized include the commission and taxes normally paid by buyers and are converted into US Dollars at the rate of the day of sale. I did not translate the description of coins provided by auctioneers since most collectors of Russian coins probably can read Russian or will have no difficulty in reading the printed catalogue name and number in coin's description. With time this project, though not pretending to become a comprehensive catalogue, will hopefully result in a fairly useful illustrated online reference of Russian Roubles with their market values.

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Good idea. You might know that there is http://www.coinarchives.com/w/ but the author of the site cannot include Russian auctions, ony western one. So your project has tremendous potential for people outside Russia who cannot find so easily the final bids for the coins in Russian auctions.
Great link! I wasn't aware of this one.


While I was there, I noticed this: Enamelled and mounted Romanov rouble, 1913

Rather beautiful, in a perverse sort of way. Seeing that it sold for way more money than an uncirculated example of the coin would bring, I suppose one could say that it was an improvement of sorts?

Amazing, what people sometimes do to (or with) coins! :ninja:

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