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Here are some other "Wilhelm" coins with zylinder or hat from another auction. They are all different, an indication that they are individuelly hand made.

Sorry for the low quality, but it is scanned from the catalogue.




I have found these in:



(auction 41, May 1999 and auction 43, May 2000)

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well the american engraved coins r called hobo nickels (their was a post here before about em gonna try to look for it later) heres a link for info on what are hobonickels an why did ppl engrave em :ninja:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobo_nickel and this site www.hobonickels.org u can c diff coins from artists old and new ;) im gonna post a few pics also :-





This was sold for $2,750!!! it shows king arthur (1 of my fav stories ;) ) an i think its amazing!!! real artwork ;) even though it wasnt made for war an such only for entertainment an art :-





and btw GR8 forum ...hey can a sticky 2 cause every coin collector must know bout these wonderful art works ;)

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Hi fans of satirical medals,


I have just found another one on an older 2 Mark piece with the famous scientist Max Planck as a Greek soldier:



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Hello friends of satiric medals!


Here are two additional satiric medals, which are available on UBS auction 73:






This is Emporeur Wilhelm II.






This is the Saxonian King Friedrich August (I have never seen a satiric medal of him, those of Wilhelm II are much more often.)

The full catalogue is available under: (on the right side)



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To keep this thread alive:






This satirical coin seems to be rare. I have seen this image of Friedrich August (the last Saxonian King) the first time. Mainly Wilhelm II. coins are changed.

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