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1967 ANA Dedication Medal


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I joined the ANA in 1968, but the dedication medals were still available the first time I visited the ANA headquarters in Colorado Springs in 1970. The medal is signed R MENCONI. Pikes Peak rises behind the building on the obverse. The ANA lamp of knowledge on the reverse is situated at Colorado Springs near the geographic center of the continent. The medal has a matte finish. The medal came in the Capital Plastics holder as illustrated.





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The medal was sculpted by Ralph J. Menconi of NY. He was referred to in the Numismatist as the sculptor of Presidents. In silver there were 500 serial numbered medals issued and 750 non-serial numbered.


There's a lot of info on the web about Menconi. He scultped a series of Presidential Art Medals of the Presidents and many other fine sculptures.

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