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Copper coins 1895-1917


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1 Penni 1914


5 Penniä 1915


10 Penniä 1914


These coins were minted in Helsinki, Finland. Coins bear the monogram of emperor and grand duke Nicholas II in western style "NII". This series was minted until 1917, when after revolution emperor was replaced by provisional government.



1 Penni 1917


5 Penniä 1917


10 Penniä 1917


Krause tells these are "civil war issues", but how can they be, since the civil war of Finland began in 1918? It's true that some of the coins were minted during the civil war, but still it isn't right. Krause also tells these are "Kerenski government issues", they're not. The design of the new coins was only announced to Petrograd Government, rather than asking them to approve it.

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